8 Most Instagrammable Spots In Jaipur, Rajasthan

Let’s be honest, Jaipur is presumably the most Instagrammable spot in India! Jaipur is situated in India’s most bright territory of Rajasthan. Rajasthan conveys big time on Indian culture. It will give you all that you ever imagined when you picture what India resembles.

Ensure you go to these spots as ahead of schedule as possible in the day, particularly if there is an occasion as they become VERY busy.

Try not to stress over getting the ideal shot with the winged creatures, they are all over the place and very much prepared for picture takers.

Here is my list of 8 Most Instagrammable Spots In Jaipur.

1. Patrika Gate

patrika gate jaipur
Credit: Pinterest

Patrika Gate is an unquestionable requirement when you visit Jaipur. It is so delightful! This is likely my number 1 best Instagrammable spot in Jaipur.

It is a progression of delightfully painted brilliant passages in a structure that is in a traffic circle. This one is likewise around 20 minutes outside of the principal city, truly near the airport.

Patrika Gate
Credit: Pinterest

Very few individuals appear to rush to this site so it was not difficult to get shots without individuals out of sight.

This site is likewise free to enter!

2. Royal Tumbas

royal tumbas jaipur
Credit: Pinterest

Try not to miss this spot for the ideal Instagram photographs! The Royal Tumbas are the burial chambers for the Kings of Jaipur.

It is found right by the Tiger Fort. Very few individuals visit this site and I don’t know why on the grounds that the structures are dazzling. This is the place where you can get the ideal photograph with the renowned Indian winged animals!

To discover the Tumbas put Gaitor Ki Chhatriyan into Google Maps. The entry charge is a simple 30INR or $0.40!

3. City Palace

city palace Jaipur
Credit: Pinterest

The City Palace is situated inside the Pink City and is the top activity in Jaipur. Pink truly is all over and it is shocking!

Attempt and go as ahead of schedule as conceivable to dodge the groups. The best spot to get shots is in the Pink Archways when you first stroll in and before the broadly improved entryways. You can likewise take photos of the delightful monitors however they will request cash! 10 rupees is sufficient.

The extra charges to get into the City Palace are 700INR or $10. Anyway to have the option to see a greater amount of the inside of the Royal Residences which incorporate the blue and red rooms it will cost an astounding 3500INR or $50!

4. Amer Fort

Amer Fort Jaipur
Credit: Pinterest

Amer Fort is one of the top vacation destinations in the city, and for a valid justification! It is a notorious spot, so it is probably the best spot to get a few astonishing Instagram shots.

The post is found right outside of the city. Ensure you go early; arriving for the dawn is awesome. I went late in the day, and during perhaps the greatest celebration of the year, so I attempted to get the ideal shot. Gain from my errors!

Some AMAZING dividers can move across the fortress’ passageway, which makes the most epic dawn shots.

The best places to take pictures inside the post are the principle terrific passage, the beige openings (which you will see when you show up), just as all the delightful entrances and windows spread around the stronghold.

Take as much time as is needed investigating the post and getting lost. You could go through hours strolling through the various passages and entryways, and it’s truly astonishing.

Extra charges for outsiders are 500INR or $7, and it is open from 8 am to 5.30 pm consistently.


5. Tiger Fort

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur
Credit: Pinterest

Tiger Fort, otherwise called Nahargarh Fort, is another astonishing Instagram spot in Jaipur. It is situated in the city’s focal point, so it is not difficult to get to.

Go either for dawn or dusk. I suggest going for the dawn because there will be nobody there and you won’t need to pay any extra charges!

This is where you can get the notable dawn shots sitting on the lovely dividers sitting above Jaipur. It’s really enchanted! The spot is enormous, so heaps of the various territories and viewpoints to investigate.

6. Hawa Mahal

hawa mahal
Credit: Pinterest

The Hawa Mahal is a shocking pink structure in the City Palace and is Iconic in Jaipur. This makes for an ideal Instagram spot.

This is where the sovereigns and other female individuals from the regal family would have the option to watch what was happening in the City without leaving the Palace.

Hawa Mahal,Jaipur, India
Credit: Pinterest

You can see the Hawa Mahal from the road free of charge.

There are likewise a few bistros across the street you can go to for a photograph. Tattoo Cafe should be awesome!

7. Pink Stepwell

pink stepwell jaipur
Credit: Pinterest

This spot is an Instagrammers dream and highlights lovely shots on numerous profiles! It is found right by Amer Fort. To reach there, put Panna Meena ka Kund into google maps.

What you cannot deny is that there are watches at the stepwell who don’t allow you to stroll down the steps to get those notable shots. You need to go early when there aren’t numerous individuals around and pay off the watchmen to give you access or attempt and sneak down when they aren’t looking!

It was too bustling when I went, and I didn’t have the courage to pay off the watchman or sneak in! I settled with sitting on the edge. On account of my exquisite tuk-tuk driver for snapping my pics for me!

It is allowed to see the stepwell.

8. Monkey Temple & Surya Mandir

money temple jaipur
Credit: Pinterest

These two destinations can be ticked off simultaneously.

The Monkey Temple is wonderful and loaded with monkeys! There are three pools at the sanctuary. One for men, one for ladies, and another for monkeys!

Two kinds of monkeys live here, and they have their own different territories. Be careful if you are terrified of monkeys because there are A LOT.

Monkey Temple
Credit: Pinterest

It is allowed to get in; however, ‘watches’ will attempt to take cash from you to take pictures here, so as you are entering, conceal your camera.

Time your excursion here to leave the sanctuary not long before nightfall. On our stop at Surya Mandir Temple, also called Sun Temple. This sanctuary is roosted high on a mountain with clearing sees over Jaipur and totally supernatural. Try not to miss it!

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