10 Most Instagramable Spots In Dubai

The advanced city of Dubai is a genuine dream objective and quite possibly the most photogenic spots. On account of the superb high rises, excellent parks, ravishing blossom establishments, endless parkways, and madly wonderful perspectives there are endless spots to take pictures in Dubai.

In case you’re searching for the most Instagrammable spots in Dubai, you are in the perfect spot! In this post, I gathered the 11 Most Instagramable Places In Dubai with their precise location and a lot of helpful hints about when to visit or how to arrive.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj khalifa
Credit: Instagram

The Burj Khalifa with its 830 meters (2,723 feet) tallness is presently the tallest structure on the planet and of course, it’s additionally quite possibly one of the most Instagrammable spots in Dubai. No Dubai schedule is finished without going up to the highest point of the Burj Khalifa!

Not just you will get an unbelievable perspective on the city but on the other hand, it’s probably the best spot for photography in Dubai. On the off chance that you need to take some photographs with the Dubai horizon out of sight, don’t pass up the glass seeing stage on the 124th floor.

The painted wings inside the structure are perhaps the most popular Instagram-capable spots in Dubai so make a point to snap a picture there too!

How To Get There:–For public transportation, you can utilize the red metro line that stops at the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station. From that point forward, you need to walk approx 1 km to arrive at the Burj Khalifa entrance in the Dubai Mall. Then again, you can utilize a taxi – request that the driver drops you off at the Fashion Parking in the Dubai Mall.

Best Time To Go:– The vast majority decide to go up to the Burj Khalifa for dusk. I recommend doing precisely the inverse and going there for dawn! The Burj Khalifa dawn tickets are the least expensive alternatives accessible and they additionally incorporate a light breakfast at the cafeteria.

The sun rises simply before the survey stages and you don’t need to battle with the groups to have that ideal Instagram shot. Trust me, it’s absolutely worth getting up ahead of schedule!

Cost:– Ticket costs shift dependent on which levels you need to visit and when. With the standard tickets you can visit the 124-125 levels and they cost between 149-224 AED (40-60 USD).

In the event that you wanna go for dawn, you should book the Sunrise + Breakfast choice which costs between 149-153 AED (40-42 USD). You can likewise visit the 148 level which is the most noteworthy purpose of the Burj Khalifa however be ready for a pricy encounter as the top-notch tickets cost between 378-533 AED (103-145 USD).

2. Burj Al Arab

burj al arab
Credit: Instagram

Burj al Arab is quite possibly the most sumptuous lodgings on the planet and a genuine symbol of Dubai. In spite of the fact that remaining there is extravagant, fortunately you don’t have to get inside to take some astonishing pictures with it!

The best spot to take photographs with the Burj al Arab is Jumeirah Public seashore. Interestingly, the seashore is allowed to visit so it’s certainly worth looking at it, regardless of whether you’re visiting Dubai on a tight spending plan.

How To Get There:– Lamentably, there are no metro stations close by except for there are a few bus stations around Jumeirah Beach, for example, the Wild Wadi or the Maharba Masjid (transport lines: 8, 81, 88, N55, X28). As an elective choice, you can call a taxi which is genuinely modest wherever in Dubai.

Best Time To Go:– The view from the sea shore is stunning any time however on the off chance that you need something unique, go there for dusk!

Cost:– Visiting the Jumeriah Beach is totally free so you don’t have to worry if you are travelling Dubai on a Budget.

3. Dubai Greek Harbour

dubai greek harbour
Credit: Instagram

Dubai Creek Harbor is a genuinely new neighborhood in Dubai as they just began to develop the entire complex as of late. There are numerous new developments going on yet a major piece of the territory is as of now completed and can be unreservedly visited.

I didn’t actually realize that when I visited and I anticipated a vivacious neighborhood with numerous bars and cafés. Yet, actually, it’s a peaceful spot with a couple of local people staying nearby.

None of the eateries are opened at this point (at any rate they were not when I visited toward the finish of 2019), just a few jungle gyms for the children.

Anyway, the principle motivation behind why it merits visiting Dubai Creek Harbor is the astounding perspective you can get over the city. It’s unquestionably a standout amongst other photoshoot places in Dubai as you can get a madly lovely view over the Dubai horizon from the riverside.

Numerous individuals mistake this spot for Dubai Creek yet while Dubai Creek is a saltwater stream that is presently important for the new Dubai channel, Dubai Creek Harbor is a particular neighborhood on the shores of Dubai Creek.

So in the event that you need to locate similar photography areas, you can find them in the underneath pictures, utilize the specific Google maps area I shared beneath!

How To Get There:– As I referenced the territory is as yet in advancement so right now it can’t be reached with public transportation, your lone choice is taking a taxi.

It’s critical to realize that there are no cabs around the harbor for your return trip by the same token. It implies you need to ask your, cabbie, to hang tight for you until you investigate the region or make an arrangement for your return trip ahead of time!

Best Time To Go:– Certainly dusk! As you can’t actually do whatever else around separated from taking a couple photographs and appreciating the perspectives, the best is to visit one hour before nightfall.

This way you can investigate the best photograph spots take a few pictures during the brilliant hour, and later on, you can perceive how the Dubai horizon glances in obscurity with the lights turned on.

Cost:– You have to pay only for the taxi ride. Rest everything is free.

4. Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis the Palm UAE
Credit: Instagram

Atlantis, The Palm is an incredible lodging in Dubai situated on the fake palm-tree molded archipelago called Palm Jumeirah. By and large in the event that you are not a visitor of the inn you are not permitted to get inside.

However, our cabbie disclosed to us a little stunt! At the point when the gatekeepers at the passage ask you for what valid reason you need to get in basically state that you need to visit the shisha bar. They will allow you to pass and once you’re inside you are allowed to meander around the inn!

The lodging itself is truly delightful all around yet what’s truly exceptional about this spot is the indoor aquarium. It’s known as the Lost Chambers Aquarium and on the off chance that you need to visit the entire spot you need to purchase a ticket. It’s very costly yet it’s absolutely justified, despite all the trouble!

In any case, in case you’re the visitor of the lodging (or you sneaked in as we did) you can see one piece of the aquarium for nothing! Essentially stroll towards the passageway of the Lost Chambers Aquarium inside the lodging and once you stroll down the steps you will promptly recognize the free piece of the Aquarium.

It’s a gigantic aquarium brimming with fishes, manta beams, and sharks. Pretty mysterious! It was certainly quite possibly the most photogenic spots in Dubai.

Atlantis the palm
Credit: Instagram

How To Get There:– You have to take a taxi to the Atlantis as there is no public transport available.

Best Time To Go:– The best is to go in the first part of the day to dodge the groups at the Aquarium. We visited in the early evening and it was truly difficult to shoot an image with no others in it!

Cost:– The ticket for the Aquarium costs between 110-135 AED (30-37 USD) per individual, you can purchase the tickets here. On the off chance that you would prefer not to visit the entire Aquarium and you figure out how to get inside the lodging at that point, it’s absolutely free, aside from the expense of the taxi ride.

5. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden
Credit: Instagram

The Dubai Miracle Garden is gives over the most excellent nursery I’ve ever observed. It is loaded with ravishing blossom establishments like tremendous figures covered with blossoms, heart-formed passages, and brilliant umbrellas.

I’m totally fixated on blossoms so it resembled paradise for me! Also, let’s be honest: bright blossoms consistently make an ideal background for the photographs so in case you’re searching for the most stylish spots in Dubai, put Dubai Miracle Garden on your rundown!

Great to realize that the nursery is just open between mid-November to mid-May however since this is by and large the best an ideal opportunity to visit Dubai chances are high you’re going to visit in this period at any rate. Shockingly, in case you’re visiting outside these months you won’t have the option to see the nurseries.

Dubai Miracle Garden UAE
Credit: Instagram

How To Get There:– On the off chance that you need to utilize public transportation, you need to take the red metro line and stop at the MOE (Mall of Emirates) metro station.

After that, you need to take transport nr. 105 which takes you straightforwardly to the Miracle Garden. Great to realize that this entire cycle requires over 1 hour so, in the event that you need to save some time, you can take a taxi all things considered.

Best Time To Go:– The recreation center opens at 9am consistently so in the event that you need to make a point to get the ideal Instagram commendable photographs, go there for opening time!

We went there around early afternoon and the recreation center was at that point loaded with individuals which made it very hard to shoot. Anyway, a little persistence (and now and again a touch of Photoshop) consistently gets the job done!

Cost:– the entrance ticket of the Garden costs 55 AED i.e, 15USD.

6. Wings Of Mexican Statue

wings of mexico dubai
Credit: Instagram

The Wings of Mexico sculpture is perhaps the coolest establishment in Dubai and it’s unquestionably a standout amongst other photograph spots in Dubai. The wings are truly photogenic and in the event that you consolidate it with the Burj Khalifa out of sight, you receive an ideal Instagram photograph consequently! You can fundamentally outline it two unique ways: when the Burj Khalifa is standing high out of sight or you can create it inside the edge of the wings.

wings of mexico statue
Credit: Instagram

How To Get There:– The most effortless choice is to join visiting the Wings of Mexico sculpture with the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall since every one of them are inside strolling distance from one another. Then again, you can utilize the transport no. 27 or F13 which stops directly before the wings or take a taxi.

Best Time To Go:– You can visit essentially any time as it doesn’t get that swarmed. What’s more, regardless of whether it does, individuals as a rule stand by in line to get a photograph here so one will photobomb your image. We visited in the day and I anticipated a major group before the sculpture yet shockingly it was totally vacant.

Cost:– Free of Cost.

7. Burj Park by Emaar

dubai park by emaar
Credit: Instagram

In the event that you need to shoot the ideal Instagram picture with the full Burj Khalifa out of sight, you need to visit the Burj Park by Emaar! The entire park is wonderful and offers stunning perspectives over the Burj Khalifa as well as the close by high rises as well. Simply observe the photographs underneath and you will comprehend why it must be on the rundown of the most instagrammable spots in Dubai!

The lone disadvantage is that you are not permitted to shoot here with a camera. Try not to inquire as to why, I discover it absolutely silly however when we began shooting a watchman came to us and revealed to us that we can’t utilize our camera for shooting, just our telephone. The issue with that is except if you have another iPhone with a wide-point focal point, you can’t shoot an image with the entire Burj Khalifa out of sight. Simply look at the second photograph beneath that I made with my iPhone XS. Follow?

Fortunately we figured out how to shoot a couple of pictures before the gatekeeper saw us and it turned out only how I would have preferred (see the main picture underneath). My recommendation is to look at your area ahead of time, plan your posture, set your camera, and bet everything since you will have just 1-2 minutes to shoot before the watchmen will see you.

dubai park emaar
Credit: Instagram

How To Get There:– The least demanding choice is to consolidate visiting the Burj Park by Emaar with the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall since every one of them is in strolling distance from one another. In any case, it’s a 1.5 km long stroll from the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station.

Best Time To Go:– Since it’s a recreational area and normally not all that jam-packed you can visit any time. Just cautiously plan everything before you take out your camera in light of the fact that the watchmen will make you set it aside just after they see it.

Cost:– Free Of Cost

8. Palace Downtown

Palace Downtown
Credit: Instagram

Royal residence Downtown is quite possibly the most excellent lodgings in Dubai and it offers an astounding perspective over the Burj Khalifa. You can visit the pool territory outside the lodging regardless of whether you are not an inn visitor so in case you’re searching for the best Dubai photograph spots, certainly look at it!

While we were shooting a watchman came to us and disclosed to us that we are not permitted to shoot here with our camera. Evidently, on the off chance that you have a pleasant camera and a lovely dress everybody thinks you are an expert and you are shooting plugs or anything like that.

We disclosed to the gatekeeper that we are not experts, simply ordinary voyagers so ultimately he let us do a couple of more snaps. So my recommendation is that be fast with your photoshoot and pack a wide-point focal point since the Burj Khalifa is amazingly tall and without that, you won’t have the option to get every last bit of it in the image.

How to Get There:– The most effortless alternative is to join visiting the Palace Downtown with the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall since every one of them are inside strolling distance from one another. Then again, you can utilize the transport nr. 27 or F13 which stops close to the lodging or take a taxi.

Best Time To Go:– We went there toward the beginning of the day and sadly, the shadows were truly unforgiving on the pool. In light of that I would suggest visiting in the early evening and I’ve seen some stunning photographs here taken at nightfall also!

Cost:– Absolutely Free.

9. Dubai Mall