The 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Iceland

When it comes to beautiful waterfalls, countries in the world can compare with Iceland. The frequent rainfalls, the sparse vegetation, and the rugged volcanic landscapes are ideal conditions for landscape photography. That’s why I decided to compile a list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland.

1. Kirkjufellsfoss (Snaefellsnes)

Pic of Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall
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There is most likely no waterfall as well known as Kirkjufellsfoss. I’d gauge that 50% of all Iceland travel guides utilize this notable waterfall as a cover picture. Also, who could blame them? It’s surely one of the most delightful spots on the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

Instructions to arrive: Just stick to street 54. Kirkjufellsfoss will be just after the little town called Grundarfjörður.

2. Migandi waterfall 

pic of Dalvik waterfall
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Most huge waterfalls in Iceland are packed with sightseers and celebrated past the borders of the little Nordic nation. As far as I might be concerned, the most delightful waterfall in Iceland is situated in the Eyjafjörður straight close to Dalvik. It passes by the name of Migandi and is best seen from a boat. As the narrows is presumably the best stop to notice whales in Iceland. Migandi drops right around 100 meters into the Atlantic Ocean and is, along these lines, perhaps the most noteworthy cascade in Iceland

Step by step instructions to arrive: Take a boat from Dalvik toward the north and it will be on the correct side. There is a parking garage close by that awards halfway perspectives also.

3. Sigöldugljúfur (Landmannalaugar)

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A genuine insider tip and one of the least visited locales in Iceland is surely Sigöldugljúfur. The fake ravine near Landmannalaugar must be reached by means of one of the scandalous F-Road. In any case, that shouldn’t shield you from going – it’s by a long shot the prettiest spot in Iceland.

Instructions to arrive: Drive South on the F208 coming from the F26. At a certain point you will cross a waterway, this is the place where Sigöldugljúfur ravine begins. Great 4WD Vehicle required, will set aside very some effort to arrive. The best view is from the east side.

4. Gljúfrabúi (near Vík)

Pic of Gljúfrabúi Waterfall
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They state the individuals who take the less common direction, will discover awards everywhere. Also, no place could this be more genuine than in Iceland. In plain (or rather not all that plain) sight of celebrated Seljalandfoss, you will discover Gljúfrabúi – surely, one of the most captivating cascades in Iceland, as it is covered up in a cavern you can’t enter without getting wet.

Step by step instructions to arrive: Stop at Seljalandfoss and walk the way (street 249) further north. After 300 meters it will be on your correct side. You need to stroll into the cavern and through a little stream/pool.

5. Seljalandsfoss (near Vík)

pic of Seljalandsfoss waterfalls
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Directly close to Gljúfrabúi is another acclaimed Icelandic waterfall. Seljalandsfoss is one of the not many waterfalls on this planet where you can stroll behind the water blind. It may not be the passageway to a fairy kingdom, however it’s still madly wonderful.

The most effective method to arrive: Stick to the ring street and drive towards Vík. Seljalandsfoss will show up on your correct side after you crossed a major scaffold. Street 249 branches off here.

6.Hafragilsfoss (Reykjahlíð)

pic of Hafragilsfoss or Reykjahlíð waterfall
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Presumably the most amazing waterfall in Iceland passes by the name Hafragilsfoss. It’s neither the most noteworthy and nor the broadest yet unquestionably the waterfall with the most great setting. It looks somewhat like the Icelandic form of the Grand Canyon.

The most effective method to arrive: Hafragilsfoss is situated on the 864, a street that branches off the ring street around 15 kilometers before Reykjahlíð.

7. Háifoss (South Iceland / Edge of the Highlands)

pic of Haifoss Waterfall in Iceland
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Haifoss waterfall isn’t actually simple to reach. However, those ready to leave the famous golden circle for a little diversion, are rewarded with a perspective on Iceland’s fourth most elevated waterfall.

The most effective method to arrive: Take the street 32 until it expands onto the 332. There is a parking area over the cascade. You can likewise climb from Þjóðveldisbærinn Stöng ranch, which will take around 2,5 hours one way.

8. Fagrifoss (Kirkjubæjarklaustur)

pic of fagrifoss waterfall iceland
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Fagrifoss is a delightful twin waterfall not many vacationers actually will see. With a height of 80 meters, it positions among the tallest waterfalls in Iceland, however it is just available with 4WD vehicles.

Instructions to arrive: Take the F206 north exactly two kilometers before the town Kirkjubærjarklaustur. Note, you should cross a waterway to arrive.

10. Dettifoss

pic of Dettifoss Waterfall, Iceland
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Dettifoss is Iceland’s mightiest waterfall. 193m³ are said to collide with the gorge beneath every second. There are no railings, so you can walk directly to the edge and investigate the water-splashed pit. Really a mind blowing experience.

Instructions to arrive: Both highway 864 and highway 862, several kilometers from Reykjahlíð lead straightforwardly to Dettifoss. The east bank (highway 864) has the prettier view (as above), as I would see it

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